Checkout the awesome power of Super Stainless cleaner

Stainless Steel cleaner 1L and 500ml Product bottles
Before cleaning fibreglass with Grunt After cleaning fibreglass with Grunt

Using Super Stainless is an easy and effective way to remove rust stains from your boat. This Stainless steel cleaner removes corrosion from your marine-grade stainless steel. Whilst leaving your stainless spotless, it also protects from future rust stains.

Contrary to widespread belief stainless steel is not actually stain-free. Rust staining and corrosion will most likely occur on the surface.

Super Stainless is a water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, stainless steel cleaning solution. It removes rust and corrosion from your stainless fittings. It cleans and protects them from further attacks onboard your boat. Super Stainless, is simple and easy to use. It leaves your stainless shining and protected.

Super Stainless meets and in some cases exceeds all the current regulations worldwide. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. It does not contain any harmful hydrochloric, muratic, or oxalic acids.

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Stainless Steel Cleans Like New With Super Stainless

Discover how easy it is to transform your boat's brightwork back to that new look with our amazing cleaner.

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Take a look at how easy Super Stainless marine brightwork cleaner is to use through our action video gallery.

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It's safe to use on other surfaces such as fibreglass, gelcoat, and timber. Paint it on with a brush, leave for at least 30 minutes then rinse off. Use fresh water and a sponge or soft brush to rinse. It's so simple you could catch some fish and drink a few beers whilst you wait.


Hi Chris,I’m not easily impressed with new products anymore, having been doing this for 37 years. But, your Super Stainless product impressed me.Thank you,Richie Bowker.Test Labs Supervisor,brunswickboatgroup.com

Richie Bowker

Test Labs Supervisor brunswickboatgroup.com

Just thought that I would drop you a note to say how impressed I am with your product. Live right by the sea on the south coast and have a stainless and glass balustrade system in my garden. Restored it back to new in a few hours.
Chris Page.
Sig Roofing

Chris Page

Sig Roofing

I have been taking care of the stainless on both our past sailboats and now on our newest and this product by far exceeded my expectations. It was easier to apply. I used a 2 inch brush and put the substance in a small container with lid which I would occasionally give a good shake. It is an unusual egg white solution which needed to be mixed. Once it was applied and dried, I used a small soft brush and finished the cleaning with a damp rag. I was amazed at the result. In the past I have used Flitz paste which is hard and messy work. Super Stainless did not damage any fiberglass or wood. My hands were not bothered by the solution nor was there an offensive odor. I have recommended this product to several of our boating friends. Congrats on a great product!” – D. Simpson, Weems, Virginia.

D Simpson

Virginia. USA

Hello Chris, We tested the Super Stainless on heavily corroded stainless steel 304 and 316 samples and it worked great.
You are right, the rust magically disappears before your eyes. It’s amazing.
For rust removal this product is the best one I have seen so far.
Mayelyn Blackerby
Quality Control Engineer
Gem Products Inc

Mayelyn Blackerby Quality Control Engineer

Gem Products Inc, Florida

We have tried Super Stainless on a variety of stainless items: boat cleats, small screws, engine mounts and trailer bolts. With little effort Super Stainless works super well! We simply applied SS, waited as instructed and washed it clean. There was no rubbing, buffing or effort required, which is of course highly appealing. It is quite literally a miracle product – it’s just that good
Alex Bader
President Aqualuma Division
Tides Marine

Alex Bader President Aqualuma Division

Tides Marine. Florida

Hello Chris I used the super stainless over the weekend…..brilliant product
Based on what I saw it’s a product every boat owner should have!
After I had my boat done plenty of potential customers passed all looking for some! Tom Whelan.
Co Clare

Tom Whelan

Kilrush, Co Clare

Hi, My husband used your super stainless on our balcony rails today and we were thrilled at the results.Thanks for an amazing product.. we will recommend it to anyone else with stainless balcony rails. Kind regards Angela



Your “SuperStainless” arrived promptly yesterday and I had a go with it today – very impressed – does exactly as expected – no scrubbing/rubbing.



We recently tried Super Stainless for cleaning stainless steel on our trawler, a Nauset 36 Long Range Cruiser and it was amazing. Super Stainless is incredibly easy to use. Just wipe the product onto the stainless, wait 30 minutes, and wipe it off with a wet rag or sponge. Presto, the stainless steel is like new. This is so much easier and better than the paste product we have been using for years that there is really no comparison. Super Stainless lives up to all of its claims. – Mike B., Irvington, Virginia. USA

Mike B

Irvington, Virginia. USA

Hi Chris Thank you very much for your quick reply and I will take your advice, the super stainless is a brilliant product and we will be using it on many of the boats we take care of and will recommend it to other boat owners who clean and maintain their own boats. Again many thanks and kind regards Jamie flood Allmotorboatandyachtservices.com

Jamie flood



Checkout the awesome power of Super Stainless Brightwork cleaner

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